Specializing in move management, CVMM will make your transition easy by coordinating all the details.


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Our process starts with a confidential free, no obligation, one hour consultation. We will explain our menu of services, answer any questions or concerns you may have and create a customized plan of action detailing the necessary steps for your transition. Thereafter, you will receive a personalized proposal for services within two business days.



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Floor Planning

Together, we will generate a floor plan that will help you understand how you will live in your new home. This exercise helps you determine what items to bring and what items to dispose of.

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Packing & Unpacking

Our packing and unpacking process will eliminate the stress and uncertainty that often comes with moving. We achieve this by intentionally packing and unpacking each room so that the look and feel of your previous home is recreated in your new space.

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Let us help guide you through the process of deciding what to take, what to give to family and friends and what to donate or sell.


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Coordination, Referrals & Other Services

Recognizing that there may be many people involved in your move, we will interview the necessary players and coordinate the logistics- hiring and supervising movers, estate sales professionals, cleaners, or any other service providers you may need.

Other services we provide- staging your home for resale, document organization and shredding, arranging shipment of items to family and friends, and providing referrals for out of area move managers.